Success stories: the Immigration and Muslim Solidarity Committee

The Immigration and Muslim Solidarity Committee jumped into action right after the election by showing up en masse at a court hearing for a young man in our community who had been detained. Partially as a result of the massive community support, the young man was granted bond. Since then, the Committee has been active in a number of ways with accomplishments including:
  • Raising over $6,000 to support DACA renewal fees for local DREAMers
  • Organizing an anti-Islamaphobia teach-in
  • Organizing a Sanctuary City teach-in
  • Raising money and other resources (including finding housing) to assist a Sudanese refugee family resettling in the area and providing ongoing support to the family including helping with employment, education, and housing
  • Supporting a family whose father was in detention by providing both material and emotional support including showing up to court hearings until the father was ultimately released
  • Organizing Rapid Response to ICE Raids Trainings to help DC Sanctuary organizations develop a network of individuals to respond to raids
  • Mobilizing Takoma Park and area residents to lobby in Annapolis for the Trust Act

To join the Immigration and Muslim Solidarity Committee, email